Little Kyra

Species: Au Ra
Gender: Female
Height / Weight: 1.74, 60kg
Body Type: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Distinguishing features: Black, Red lady
Voice: Sexy and shy
Smells after: Oriental
Profession: IT
Residence: The Goblet
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish
Alignment: Oujodere
Temperant: Shy, but warms up if she trusts you
Common Accessories: Depends on the mood
Available for: Rolepay, friends, events
Server: Twintania (Light)
Owned by: Mario Lospacciatore

About Little Kyra

Kyra was found in the woods as an infant. In the Black Shroud, a couple of Hyurs found her while hunting. Being the racists they are, they took advantage of her being an Au'ra. Kyra was used as a slave for household work, cooking, and other chores they did not like, instead of being loved and cared for. Her foster parents never showed her any love. Since she turned 12, her "father" took her to an unknown location so that men could do unspeakable things to her. After she told her "mom" about this, she disregarded it and said that it was her duty to take care and please men, and that she shouldn't complain.Despite this, she remained sweet, kind, and helpful. Although she does not trust people easily.When Kyra turned 16, she ran away. She was forced to go into hiding until she turned 18. During that time, she fled to Dravania, where she met the dragons. They took her in as their own, teaching her to fend for herself. Too scared and too afraid to trust anyone, she never sought out the passersby and connected with them. She feared that the past would repeat itself again.That is, until she met Syllabas. Due to his trustworthiness with the dragons, she was also willing to trust him. She did not know Syllabas knew her foster parents and that the two were well acquainted. She was tricked into meeting with them again, resulting in an intense fight.Afterwards, she vowed not to trust anyone so easily anymore, even if they are good to someone else.However, due to her sweet, kind, and helpful nature, she decided to live among the people. She wished to forget her past and begin anew. Still, people need to be aware and Kyra is well trained. She tends to work alone, does not socalize much, but if asked she is more than happy to help others, even if she does not show it.